Vietnam Travel Tips & Review – Hoi An Beaches

So you only have a little time to travel in Vietnam and that means you can’t do everything However, if you think you don’t have time to visit a beach, think again! Most people don’t travel to Hoi An to go to the beach, but they should. Hoi An’s beaches are convienent, pristine and uncrowded.
Lauren Bercarich


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13 thoughts on “Vietnam Travel Tips & Review – Hoi An Beaches

  1. Cool Video! We just moved to Hoi An, loving it so far after three weeks. You can check out our experiences on our channel TheTravelingDukes

  2. You have to park your bikes in a designated area off the beach a few blocks. Can't bring bikes on the beach.

  3. Premiere and Final Cut. Most of the time audio is just recorded on camera with no extra mic. However, from time to time we'll use a lav mic for narration – but usually the on-board mic is good enough. Hope that helps!

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