Hoi An's Beautiful (& Busy) Ancient Town

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18 thoughts on “Hoi An's Beautiful (& Busy) Ancient Town

  1. Good on you guys 👍 We’ve just started a 6 month family backpack round Asia too! We’re following with interest 👍

  2. The place sure does look over crowded and busy but with all the lights it looks so beautiful and amazing. I keep wondering every time how much your really end up walking and walking and walking. Don’t you’ll get tired. I even try to see the expressions on your faces especially the kids and you’ll all look always happy and smiling. Great video, loved it. Didn’t you’ll snack on anything…

  3. It takes only 2 days to explore the ancient town Hoi An, but if you live there, you'll love it every single day. Hoi An is dubbed the city of lanterns. It's breathtaking by day, but it really comes to life by night when the streets are lit up with beautiful lanterns. It's a spectacular sight to experience in person. Known as a living museum, Hoi An offers tourists all great attractions, including beautiful beaches, bright green rice paddies, great food, fresh air, low cost of living and friendly local people. I've been to Hoi An 2 times and still love it. Hoi An is truly the ultimate travel destination.

  4. I love how pretty all the lanterns look in Ancient Town at night. Wish I could see how they make them. Bastian looks so sweet with his scarf. Ayden is getting so tall! That’s a super busy place!!

  5. A beautiful stroll along the river, overcast sky, air must be cool, afternoon turning to beautiful evening, lights turning on, talking to each other, wonderful time. And of course, B man the innocent!!!!!!

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